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I love getting greeting cards for special occasions.  Actually, I just finished reading my Christmas cards; then, many of you thoughtfully remembered January 26, the feast of my patron saint; … more
When I am working in my office or relaxing in my sitting room with a good book, I often have the local classical music radio station playing in the background. While I hardly claim to be an … more
Monday, February 2, was the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, when we celebrate—not Groundhog Day!—but the bringing of the infant Jesus—forty days old—to the Temple by our Blessed Mother … more
He’s hardly a noted theologian, philosopher, or scholar, but Harry Bosch, the LA detective in Michael Connolly’s award-winning books, sure has it right when he posits the guiding principle of his … more
Over the last couple of days, I received a number of e-mails asking if I had seen the front page article in the Wall Street Journal of Saturday-Sunday, January 3-4, 2015. No, I had not, since … more
Can I consider this my Christmas card to all of you? My love, gratitude, prayers, and best wishes for peace and joy this Christmas! Think of what I first saved on postage stamps alone! Now, … more
What do you think? Have we lost the true meaning of Christmas? I get asked that all the time. It’s a fair enough question to ask during Advent. On the one hand, there’s no denying that … more
That chant of praise from the psalms is a fitting prayer as we celebrate our national feast of Thanksgiving. Of all the many gifts from God inspiring our gratitude, His mercy is at the top of … more
As all of you know by now, two weeks ago, as a big part of our Making All Things New strategic pastoral planning of recent years, the archdiocese announced the merging of about 30% of our 368 … more
Let me be candid: there will soon be a real sense of grief at some of our parishes as we get set to announce publicly what we’ve been preparing for the last five years, namely, the merging of some … more