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In recent decades, St. Joseph’s Seminary has hosted Popes Benedict XVI and John Paul II. Last week, seminarians there had an opportunity to hear about both pontiffs—and many other leading world … more
April 17, 2014 -----------------------------------------------------------   Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: A blessed Easter! This Easter season, I invite you to meditate … more
El tema de la esperanza, en el antiguo testamento, está muy unido al tema de la retribución. En sus comienzos el pueblo de Israel no cree en una existencia ultraterrena. Se pensaba que la … more
Two recent injuries—to my left foot and right shoulder—have slowed me down in the past month. I’m in physical therapy for the shoulder, and I’ve been wearing a boot-cast on the foot. As a … more
This column isn’t often used to preview projects Catholic New York is undertaking, but we’ll make an exception in this case for Faith Lives, a special section that will be part of the April 17 … more
During his first year as successor of St. Peter, what sacrament has Pope Francis spoken of most often? Go ahead, take a guess. Confession! It is clear that the Holy Father has a particularly … more
For months on end, I carried around Elizabeth Scalia’s book, “Strange Gods: Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life.” It was, at various times, in my purse, on my desk, in my suitcase, on my … more
Blue or pink? That was the secret contained in the cake. My younger brother and his wife are always looking for an excuse to throw a themed-party—a World Series game for the Cardinals, an … more
En la Exhortación Apostólica Evangelii Gaudium, el Papa Francisco nos motiva a una entrega generosa en la acción misionera. Pero, ¿Qué es lo que da sustento a nuestros esfuerzos y fatigas al … more
The worst winter in 30 years has left its imprint on New York City pavement in the form of potholes; lots of them. Dings, dents and damages take a back seat for those drivers who must replace a … more
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