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How can we best characterize the relationship between fathers and their daughters? We all know the bond between them is very special. One author went so far as to say that no matter how many people … more
He has called you brave… Pope Francis continues to surprise us as he brings a lot to our attention that has previously gone unrecognized. Usually, as we watch a newly-married couple, or … more
The first Saturday in May was the first time I cut our lawn this year. It’s a ritual normally carried out without much fanfare. Our property beyond the house and detached garage is rather small. … more
Jesús, llevado de su amor compasivo, curó a los enfermos que le presentaban, sació el hambre de las multitudes, expulsó a los espíritus inmundos, devolvió a la vida a los muertos. En muchos … more
Here I am today with more evidence—not that we need it—to prove that New York City is not the hard, cold, unfriendly place it’s sometimes accused of being. When it comes to helping people … more
Yes, I know he was a great Yankee, but, he was raised in my hometown of St. Louis, so, I have a double-claim on him. And one of Yogi Berra’s memorable lines was, “It ain’t over … more
I was watching Chiara on the uneven parallel bars at her gymnastics studio this weekend, and it struck me that her afterschool hobby really requires a very grown-up quality I often find lacking in … more
On Sunday night the email landed in Mike Foss’ inbox: He had been named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30,” the business magazine’s annual list of rising stars younger than 30. Mike Foss, the … more
Una de las afirmaciones más claras del Antiguo Testamento es “la bondad y misericordia de Dios”. El Señor es “misericordioso y clemente, tardo a la cólera y rico en amor y fidelidad…” … more
A neighbor runs into a burning house and saves a child from certain death. The 6 o'clock news labels him Superman but he replies that he was only doing what needed to be done. Apparently he is a hero … more