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As anyone with young children or grandchildren likely knows, Universal Pre-K expanded in a big way in New York City this academic year. Enrollment numbers surged, and some 53,000 4-year-olds are now … more
I love getting greeting cards for special occasions.  Actually, I just finished reading my Christmas cards; then, many of you thoughtfully remembered January 26, the feast of my patron saint; … more
Lent is one of those seasons that always begins with the best of intentions and rapidly goes downhill, at least that’s how it usually plays out for me. I plan to pray more, eat less and find … more
Belinda Monahan has analyzed more than 100,000 animal bones in Armenia dating back from the Early Bronze Age (1,200 B.C.) to the Medieval period. For the 44-year-old archaeologist from New Jersey, … more
La Cuaresma es un tiempo especial de conversión en preparación para la Pascua. Convertirse es, como decía el Papa Juan Pablo II, “entrar en la profunda intimidad con Dios”, esa conversión … more
Recall the story of the man who complained to high heaven that the cross he had to bear in life was too heavy. He grumbled so much that St. Peter got tired of listening to him and brought him from … more
When I am working in my office or relaxing in my sitting room with a good book, I often have the local classical music radio station playing in the background. While I hardly claim to be an … more
February is Catholic Press Month. It’s been that way for a long time, although the month is usually a lot like the one we’re having, with more attention paid to enduring the snow and cold weather … more
My friend Analinda called a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would do a favor for her and her husband, Oscar: bring the Eucharist to Oscar’s mother, Graciela. She had taken a fall at home, and … more
Irena Sendler was 29-years-old when Nazi tanks slithered into Warsaw, casting a shadow of fear over the town and slicing it apart with a walled-off ghetto for the Jewish residents. There was no … more