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Letters to the editor
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To the Editor: On July 31/Aug. 1, a historic event took place in the Archdiocese of New York as many parishes were merged and several church buildings were closed. In the issue of Catholic New … more
To the Editor: What a beautiful new beginning for St. Luke’s parish in the Bronx. (CNY, Aug. 6). The welcoming of the Ghanaian Catholic community to St. Luke’s is a prime example … more
To the Editor: The Church rightly insists that it is unfair of those who accuse it of being opposed to “stem cell research” without noting the distinction between fetal and adult … more
To the Editor: The Little Sisters of the Poor are fighting for religious liberty for every person in America. (CNY, July 23).   The Little Sisters are refusing to give to Caesar that … more
To the Editor: In “Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Has Broad Implications, Church Officials Say” (CNY, July 9), Bishop Daniel E. Flores of Brownsville, Texas, states, “The Church … more
To the Editor: The editor may wish to take another look at the July 9 story on the sesquicentennial of St. Paul’s Church in Bullville, which speaks of bread and wine being transformed … more
To the Editor: Have you been noticing the handwriting on any correspondence you may have received recently? Whether it is a letter (yes, although rare, there are still some people who take pen … more
To the Editor: If the U.S. Supreme Court had not interfered with true democracy, the citizens of the USA could have continued to democratically vote for or against same-sex marriage. Instead, … more
To the Editor: I’m not an alcoholic, but one who scrupulously adheres to drinking no more than two drinks (red wines) a day, with normally a day off in between. That being stated, I … more
To the Editor: The recent Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage is the latest indication that the USA is entering a Dark Age, perhaps just preceding the return of … more