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Holy Homework
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In his classic novel “Nicholas Nickleby,” Dickens begins by asking this question: What should we do if we lose a loved one too early in life? His answer is both practical and profound. He says we … more
Shakespeare, Homer, the Farmers' Almanac and even early editions of The Book of Common Prayer warned us that the dog days of summer can make the oceans boil and our tempers short. However, with the … more
What is the cost of our freedom in the United States? For nearly 140 years Americans have been celebrating the 4th of July. Can we think of some of the key ingredients needed for true independence? … more
How can we best characterize the relationship between fathers and their daughters? We all know the bond between them is very special. One author went so far as to say that no matter how many people … more
A neighbor runs into a burning house and saves a child from certain death. The 6 o'clock news labels him Superman but he replies that he was only doing what needed to be done. Apparently he is a hero … more
Remember the last time we accidentally inhaled something that we should have swallowed? Our bodies reacted immediately with a coughing reflex because food and water do not belong in our lungs. After … more
Recall the story of the man who complained to high heaven that the cross he had to bear in life was too heavy. He grumbled so much that St. Peter got tired of listening to him and brought him from … more
Prior to the late 1300s, Valentine's Day had no connection with romance. In fact, the love celebrated to honor St. Valentine was purely platonic. Today the tables have turned. Greeting cards, … more
Do college students who attend a Catholic university make different New Year's resolutions than students from secular universities? Some people assume there is no significant difference because most … more
Some congregations of priests and nuns have the practice of praying the Hail Mary three times whenever they get into a car. They do this to ask for God's protection during their trip and, perhaps, to … more