Holy Homework
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Are humans more irritable in the late days of summer than during other months of the year? The ancients certainly believed that the July and August rising temperatures caused an equal rising in … more
The young man, JD, committed a series of horrendous murders when he was an 18-year-old adult. So the justice system sentenced him to a life behind bars without the possibility of parole. Because of … more
Last month we reviewed some of the virtues of motherhood espoused by one of our recently canonized popes. This month we examine what St. John Paul II wrote about three fatherhood virtues. Each one is … more
He was only 10 years into his 26-years-plus papacy when, then Pope, now Saint, John Paul II published his encyclical on the Dignity of Women. In this letter he repeated the word motherhood 60 times … more
The worst winter in 30 years has left its imprint on New York City pavement in the form of potholes; lots of them. Dings, dents and damages take a back seat for those drivers who must replace a … more
“Gooey two sins” describes the incident quite accurately. The three-year-old, blond-haired, blue-eyed, angelic little girl had chocolate stains all over her mouth and chin. Her mother entered the … more
Can God be our valentine? Why not? Children write letters to Santa Claus. Kids leave their lost teeth underneath their pillows for the Tooth Fairy. So why shouldn't we compose a valentine for God? … more
This year will be different! That phrase captures the serious determination that people bring to the New Year. Statistics show that more than 140 million U.S. residents make resolutions in January. … more
From the start of his classic tale, “A Christmas Carol,” Dickens insists that Jacob Marley is dead. Otherwise nothing wonderful would come of his story. At the heart of this wonder are four … more
During the biblical Jewish exile whenever Moses was in trouble, he would go to the meeting tent to seek God's help. A cloud would descend over them while they spoke face to face (Exodus 33:9). Today, … more
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