‘Our Father’s’ Beginning


A very different prayer, the “Our Father,” begins like no other. The first four words, between Our Creator and His creations to His imperfect children, offer a relationship, an invitation to go to Him. Regarding the cover article in CNY’s Oct. 26 issue, this prayer, translated into every conceivable language, varied cultures for time eternal—never, ever loses strength—only grows.

From “Our”—an inclusiveness, of the rich, the poor, the homeless, those who may disgust some—politicians, beggars, the addicted, the outcasts. We are one family—all races, faiths, peoples, united—“One” through “Our.” The great absence of “My” or “The” cannot be neglected and should be stressed.

“King, Creator, Master,” a title humans now and then could have accepted to call our Maker. But Father (Abba) is a meaning of relationship, of love, of blood. Father, the word every culture past, present and future understands. It is a word that extends beyond time. He is the Father to every generation. We are all directly connected, not separated by the distance of time or relations.

“Who art” does not mean rule, presides, oversees. God is heaven and therefore does not command over it. “Who art” refers to a gentle father, watching, guiding over, in love, for love, to, for all.

May every generation of strangers, varied cultures, faiths, hear and understand these words, honor with service and through great art and beauty explore this magnificent declaration.

Glenn Slaby

New Rochelle



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