A Grateful Alum


I was saddened to read that my elementary school in the Northeast Bronx, SS. Philip and James, would not reopen in the fall. (CNY, July 16). It is hard to imagine that back in the late 1950s, there were two sections of each grade. Additionally, each one was bursting at the seams with 50 children each. Somehow, we learned despite the large numbers.

I realize that times and demographics have changed, but I would never have imagined that Catholic schools would fall victim to closure. I come from a working class family. We did not have much money, and there were no scholarships or financial assistance back then. However, my parents made the huge sacrifice to send us to Catholic school. I am forever grateful that they were wise enough to do so.

I would never trade anything for those eight years at SPJ. Requiescat in pace, my dear school.

Frances Seara