ArchCare Partners With Montefiore for PACE Participants


ArchCare President and CEO Scott LaRue told CNY that ArchCare will be capable of doubling its 850 participants in ArchCare’s Senior Life Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) over the next 18 months after announcing a partnership with Montefiore Health System March 31.

“I think we have a shared mission and they have a focus in the Hudson Valley, which obviously is an important part of the archdiocese and we’re looking to expand our program further up into the Hudson Valley, and this partnership makes perfect sense,” LaRue said.

“They bring a well-deserved level of respect and quality and trust. The people we serve are going to be enthusiastic to participate with.”

ArchCare is the health care system of the archdiocese that cares each day for more than 9,000 seniors, the poor and persons with special needs. ArchCare’s PACE program is designed for people 55 and older, requiring nursing-home level care, to receive care at home or in the community. ArchCare has two PACE centers in the Bronx and one each in Westchester County, Manhattan and on Staten Island.

The Montefiore Health System serves 3.1 million people in the New York City region and the Hudson Valley, operating hospitals in the archdiocese in the Bronx, and Westchester, Rockland and Orange counties.

In the partnership, Montefiore’s physicians and members of their clinical care teams will work with ArchCare’s PACE team to serve eligible patients with at-home health care.

PACE participants receive care from a team consisting of a physician, nurse, social worker, care manager, physical therapist and dietician. 

“The PACE program is the most successful program in the country for serving individuals on Medicaid/Medicare that require a nursing home level of care but the benefit of the program is you’re able to do it in the community and keep people out of an institution That’s fully been demonstrated of value, even more during Covid,” LaRue said.

“So this partnership with Montefiore first of all allows us to access their qualified physician and provider network, and also partner with infrastructure they already have in place, so we can expand our PACE program further into the Hudson Valley and throughout the Bronx.”

LaRue said the partnership has been in the planning stages for about two years.

“It was postponed somewhat because of Covid. Now, we’re both ready to go,” he said.