Bold Measures Needed


In an effort to speak to James O’Neill of the uncertainty he expressed in a letter in the Nov. 10 issue, and in furtherance of John Woods’ column in the same issue, according to exit polling, approximately 55 percent of Catholics voted for Donald Trump and 45 percent for Hillary Clinton. It is the 45 percent that is troubling in its defiance of Church doctrine. Catholics who voted for the Democratic candidate, whose extreme position supports partial-birth abortion on demand, considered to be infanticide, should examine their consciences and re-evaluate their Catholic faith and respect for the Church.

The bishops and Church hierarchy must take bold and unwavering measures to promote life and the family, traditional values and speak out specifically to Catholics in all walks of life. Votes for a pro-abortion candidate are tantamount to accepting this heinous procedure that is a plague on humanity, and a sin against God and the Church. There can be no excuse for supporting a pro-abortion candidate, even if that candidate supports other issues that a Catholic may agree with; the many do not negate the one that is far more important.

Bob Pascarella



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