Call for Vigilance


Recent news reports state that New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza has issued new rules that say children in public schools can now change their gender status and names on school records without any legal documentation and regardless of their birth certificate, without their parents’ permission. Children are also allowed to play as either a boy or a girl on any sports team they want, regardless of sex. The NYC Department of Education has also barred tailoring any school uniforms. They want dress codes free of gender stereotypes that “must be written, enforced and applied...regardless of gender.” What do you think that means?

Sex education classes will now teach all genders, sexual identities and orientations, including all kinds of LGBTQ subject matter. These new classes will now be mandatory and will be taught to all students.

Further usurping parental rights and historic prevailing wisdom, the NYCDOE is now  “officially prohibiting” dividing sex education classes by gender. Sex education classes for children have always been taught in segregated classes for many reasons, not the least of which is to maintain a sense of modesty between the girls and the boys. Separate classes also enable freer discussions of such sensitive topics without embarrassment.

Parents must become extra vigilant of what their children are being taught in the public schools. But they are not the only ones responsible for the protection of their children.  Earlier this year, Pope Francis said current teachings on “gender theory” are like “dropping the atom bomb” on a city.

Each bishop of a diocese is the main leader and protector, the “head shepherd” of Christ’s flock under his care. That includes the children who attend the public schools.

Geri Haggerty
Rockaway Park