Church Must Speak


Many of my fellow Catholic laity, and I am sure many of our priests, are watching how cleverly the liberal media and their legions of activists attempt to paralyze our Church leaders by injecting the pedophilia scandal into every conversation. There is no doubt that the pedophilia scandal, by a minority of our priests and the handling of the Church authorities in its early stages, has been disappointing to many. But we know the issue is now being addressed by Church leaders, with our pope’s direction and conviction, to make sure this evil is eradicated.

It is important that Church leaders realize what is being calculated by these destructive forces who want to minimize the Church’s authority. There are many issues on which the Church should be speaking out and giving direction, such as third trimester abortions, legalizing recreational marijuana and basic moral and ethical issues. The Church is not meant to let the secular world silence its authority, but the clever way our media and the pundits conflate the pedophilia scandal whenever it is convenient to push their agenda is unfortunately producing that effect.

Frank Del Campo


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