Comparing Coverage


In both reports in two consecutive issues on the nomination of exemplary Catholic mother of seven, Notre Dame Law School graduate and professor Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court, your coverage was dry as dust.

You quoted New Orleans Archbishop Gregory M. Aymond’s comment calling her “one of our own,” but overall the CNY editorial staff and Carol Zimmerman, author of the “D as D” article referenced above, seemed not to celebrate her selection and confirmation.

Contrast that with the effusive and celebratory “Worthy of Elevation” headline and the “heartiest congratulations,” followed by a rather extensive biography of Cardinal-elect Wilton D. Gregory.

OK, one is in the realm of government and politics and the other the Church's own stomping ground.

Are not both Cardinal Gregory and Associate Justice Barrett “one of our own” and could this not be unequivocally celebrated in these times when Catholic foundational values can bring so much to our troubled times, whether on the value of Life or of considerations of social justice?

Joe R. Struble