Counting on CNY


I wish to congratulate Catholic New York for earning seven awards from the Catholic Press Association, “including honors for reporting, editorial and column writing” (CNY, June 21).
Catholic New York is important to me because it blends and binds together all the parishes in the archdiocese, thus uplifting all. Interesting, beautiful celebrations are reported on and photographed, building up, inspiring and motivating others. Due to the superior quality of the reporting and photography, one feels contact, touch and empathy, e.g., the “Shrine for Persecuted Christians Dedicated at St. Michael’s, Manhattan.” Catholics in all walks of life are honored for their accomplishments, and there is reason for rejoicing in an otherwise unknown “Belize High School Reunion.” The report of ongoing formation in the archdiocese increases the desire for virtue in readers as well as attendees. Citing presentation talks spur us all on, e.g., “Pastor Rick Warren Talks to Priests About Maintaining Moral Integrity.” We are reminded that the public manifestation and witness of the Catholic Church is implemented and expressed in the faith of the successors to the apostles.

Gloria Ausubel
Port Ewen


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