Coverage Rapped


The unsigned Catholic News Service article on Page 7 of CNY’s Feb. 2 issue was filled with innuendos and distortions with respect to President Trump’s temporary ban on travel to America from certain known terrorist countries previously identified by the Obama administration. The USCCB calls it an attack on human dignity, but didn’t object when President Obama’s order banned such travel. Yet, when Mr. Trump instituted a temporary ban, the USCCB accused Mr. Trump of attacking religious freedom and went so far as to imply he is a merciless persecutor.

The Constitution authorizes the president to take steps to protect our country and the USCCB is well aware of it. That America should accept foreigners who may be jihadists without examining them first is totally senseless, but certain bishops would have us believe we are unchristian if we fail to oppose the temporary ban. It fills me with grief that those bishops are using falsehoods to twist true charity and denigrate those who wish to protect their fellow Americans.

Nate Marciano



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