Grateful and Hopeful


I was very grateful to read both the editorial and the article regarding the Bishops speaking out against racism (CNY, Aug. 31). Hopefully, the outcomes from the Ad Hoc Committee Against Racism and the upcoming Pastoral Letter on Racism will present concrete challenges to all of us to stand up and speak out against white supremacy and neo-Nazism here in our country. 

How true, as the editorial stated, there will be no recovery from this wound of racism until we acknowledge that it exists not only in our communities, but in our churches as well.

I am hopeful that the committee will truly take time to “hear the cry of the poor,” the cry of those who suffer daily from bigotry and prejudice. 

I am hopeful that the voices/statements of our bishops will be published in more than CNY, so that a wider population can hear them. It means a great deal when our leaders speak out and stand up. This was evidenced recently when Cardinal Dolan took a very strong stance with regard to DACA. He did get a lot of flack, but that is expected when one speaks prophetically, as Jesus did.

Sister Mary Kay Finneran, S.C.



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