In Broader Context


Two letters in the Jan. 30 edition of Catholic New York included anti-abortion opinions I agree with. Generally speaking, I agree that Church leaders, especially those who give the homilies at Sunday Mass, should mention opposing abortion more often. It is a central issue for Catholics in our time. However, I believe homilists and other Church spokespersons should strive to explain to parishioners, and to the wider public, that legalized abortion reflects the much broader trends that have taken over Western culture since the onset of extreme individualism and the sexual revolution 50 to 60 years ago.

Many Americans watched the recent Super Bowl halftime show and probably made no connection between the blatantly hyper-sexualized costumes and dancing, and abortion, which is destroying the natural result of sexual relations. As Catholics we should understand that louche family-related morality, including the decline in marriage (expressed variously), and a pervasive contraceptive morality, are related to the cultural decline we see all around us. The connections need to be proclaimed, with emphasis.

Frederick J. Kurtz