‘Keep Our Churches Open’


Since New York state has rolled out new restrictions regarding restaurants, gyms and even private gatherings in homes, we need to ask if there the possibility of another lockdown of our churches.

The faithful, who are many in this archdiocese—thank God, know that the archdiocese has consulted the finest people in emergency management, medicine and health care and has developed guidelines and precautions second to none. A large consensus believes we should not be closing down churches, and we as Catholics also believe that we do have to fall back on our faith and trust in God as well. 

Another closing can do irreparable harm to many of the faithful who are struggling through a host of issues our society is currently facing, as well as to the parishes themselves who are struggling. We need the Lord more than ever. 

We need to humbly ask the hierarchy of the archdiocese to do all that they can to keep our churches open for the Sacrifice of the Mass and for the need for the Eucharistic celebration. The vast majority of more than 2.6 million faithful in this archdiocese support the hierarchy and our faithful bishops, priests, religious and lay people running the archdiocese and our individual parishes. 

The faithful can do whatever is asked of us to remain vigilant in getting the word out to support the continued access to the Eucharist, including by letter writing and, if necessary, prayer and safe gathering to let the powers that be locally and in Albany know how important, particularly during these times, the Sacrifice of the Mass is to Catholics, who pray for everyone, even those we see as impediments to such prayer and worship.

Joe Ditizio
Thompson Ridge


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