Keep Writing, Jerry


Most of us know people are living much longer; the fastest growing age group is 85 and much older, but too little is said about needing media voices who know the experience. I urge Jerry Costello to change his mind and keep writing his Christophers column (CNY, Nov. 24). No matter that the words don’t come as easily, etc., the many problems that come with old age need to get out there on a public level and especially the isolation that in a youth-oriented, age-segregated society is so common in late life. Yes, even in churches and families. 

My personal experience and research find that many diseases and disorders that often come with age not only need more medical research, but more understanding and empathy from those who don’t know the experience—from society at large and especially the Church. Light candles to show what desperately needs to be done to overcome these yet unrecognized social injustices.  

Again, I hope Jerry Costello will continue his column and not feel he must be upbeat about elder conditions and social attitudes, which may very well need changing.

Bette Dewing