Malta House Collaborates With Good Counsel Inc.


Malta House is collaborating with Good Counsel Inc. to expand and enhance its assistance to mothers and their babies, and it has been renamed the Good Counsel Malta House of Connecticut.

“Linked with Good Counsel’s network and resources, we’ll be able to provide even greater access to health services, education, job skills and more for expectant and parenting mothers,” said Kim Petrone, chairwoman of Malta House in Norwalk, Conn., in a statement.

Good Counsel, founded 32 years ago in Hoboken, N.J., currently has four of its six homes within the Archdiocese of New York—the Bronx, Staten Island, Rockland County and Westchester County. Pregnant women who have come to Good Counsel for assistance have delivered nearly 1,100 babies over the years.

“Our community model of broad services—motivated by our faith values to help prepare for birth, parenting, career, and future independence for the sake of moms and children alike—is already in place at Good Counsel Malta House of Connecticut,” said Chris Bell, Good Counsel’s co-founder and president, in a statement.

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