Misplaced Values


I am immensely saddened and disgusted with Gov. Cuomo and those New York state legislators who hide behind women’s health issues and vote to accept abortion at any stage and make it a top priority within the Democratic majority in the Senate and Assembly.

The life of the unborn baby is not valuable or worthy of existence to Gov. Cuomo and those who supported him by their vote. I am referring to late-term abortion, when God’s creation is able to exist outside the womb. Gov. Cuomo seems to be so proud that he signed this law for women’s health, and that he is on the same side as Pope Francis when it comes to being anti-death penalty. Does he not realize that terminating the life of a baby in the mother’s womb is murder? As for women’s health in general, I am a woman and want the best health for women and also for men.

I am greatly disappointed in the leadership of New York state. I am further concerned and worried for my beautiful grandchildren and all children growing up in our country. Liberal ideas have become so far removed from our long-held traditional values, such as respect for the older generation, and the lifelong experiences and wisdom that frame their values; the loss of respect for the office of the President of the United States; and, yes, respect for life of an innocent baby growing in the mother’s womb.

Theresa Del Campo


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