Overlooked Resource


As a fellow Catholic, I would like to share a thought with you. We believe in the life hereafter, and those who achieve it are called saints. How many millions of American saints might there be in heaven? Yet, do we pray for their intercession as a group in this time of national crisis? It seems as though a great spiritual resource is being overlooked.

The following true story emanates from the halls of a university. It was the time of year for the alumni to contribute to the annual fundraiser. One alumnus had consistently written a check for $25,000, but that year there was nothing from him.

The director of the committee gave him a call and politely inquired about the absence of his donation.

The answer was simple and straightforward: “Nobody asked.”

It has always been my Christian belief in the Communion of Saints. A saint’s intercession is but a prayer away. They will readily intercede to God for us, but there is a basic requirement. Intercession requires petition.

I believe the numerous American saints in heaven hold a special place for us. They raised families here, with generations to follow; walked our land and worked hard to build this country; and countless brave gave their lives in wars, to allow us to live where the flag of freedom flies.

Perhaps, a line or two in an upcoming edition might bring this concept to the minds of our brothers and sisters.

Vincent J. Cincottai
Hollywood, Fla.