Politics Aside


I am appalled that President Trump was allowed to speak at the March for Life. This man has a history of disrespecting women, separating children from their families, demonizing people in developing countries, creating policies that will serve to ruin the environment, seeking to cut Medicare-Medicaid-Social Security, treating Puerto Rico’s difficulties in a flippant manner, building walls instead of bridges, etc. These are pro-life issues! 

He used the march and its stance against abortion as a chance to further himself politically. Each day I do my best to protect human life from pre-born to natural death. Were the march organizers unknowingly used by Trump/Pence, or have they let the march become a political tool? Invite Bishop Robert Barron, Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Nuns on the Bus, reps from adoption services and those caring for children at the border, etc. Make the march a truly pro-life event and not a political opportunity. Peace to all!

Terence Lover