Quiet Protest


I’m just a simple truck driver, un hombre sincero. One thing I can’t abide is the part of the Mass where the congregation now says, “…we give You thanks for Your great glory.” That sentence is nonsense, and I shut my mouth when it comes around. 

If I was in an accident and a passing Samaritan gave me CPR, saving my life, I might send him $1,000 along with a note with my thanks. I would never thank him for, say, having blue eyes. His eye color is innate and gratitude for that trait is not warranted. A thank you would be incongruous. 

Similarly, Christ’s glory is innate and I’m certain He wouldn’t expect thanks for a quality that He has possessed since before time began. It would be OK to thank Our Lord for the glory that He allows to be reflected in us. I can think of hundreds of things to thank Our Lord for, His glory is not one of them.

George Ganssle



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George, your protest got my attention and I must respond. For one thing, God's glory is yet to be revealed to us, as say in the transfiguration, or in the beginning of Revelations as St John describes the vision of Jesus in which he falls to the ground in awe. However, I also believe we see a glimpse of God's glory in His creation, the world around us: we see the beauty in the blue sky with clouds and sun, or the moon and stars at night. We see a glimpse of God's glory in a baby, life, the epitome of God's creation. The glory of a creation that has four repeating seasons, and even man that we can accomplish so much. God's glory is also a promise to the faithful which He will share with us upon entering into heaven, so it is not nonsense to thank Him ahead of time in hope that one day He might share His glory with us. You say you are a simple truck driver, but if you think about God's creation I bet you will be able to comprehend His glory and you will want to thank Him!

Monday, June 27, 2016