‘Ripple Effect’


I would like to comment on John Woods’ Editor’s Report regarding NYPD Detective Steven McDonald in the Jan. 19 issue. I appreciate Woods’ eyewitness account of Steven’s parish life, a parish life built on personal initiative, self-sacrifice and community. Steven’s “making the decision to forgive over and over” insured his receiving graces over and over. His cooperation with the graces had a ripple effect throughout the culture and over 30 years. 

God permits the pain and suffering of chosen people. When they then cooperate with his graces, as Steven did, they become God’s sign to the world. He was a sign of an abundance of goodness for other souls; therefore, one evil act can bring a wellspring of goodness into the world for others’ salvation. Suffering, as St. Teresa of Kolkata said, is a kiss of God.

Gloria Ausubel

Port Ewen