‘Salient Points’ Raised


Anniversary of Faith, Marked in Philippines and New YorkLike many parents of college-bound children, I wanted my kids to go to "big name" schools and they did. It can open doors and I still believe that to be the case. But George Weigel's article "On Not Buying Into the Mythology of 'Prestige' Universities" was an eye-opener. I am grateful to Mr. Weigel for presenting his article with specific, salient points. For example, the college-rating systems rate a lot of PC indoctrination while sacrificing the nuts and bolts of actual learning. I like to think this is a relatively recent phenomenon but sadly it is becoming pretty commonplace. I knew nothing about the University of Dallas until Mr. Weigel presented some of its statistics especially regarding medical school acceptance and future Ph.D. degrees for a good percentage of its graduates. And let's not forget a semester in Rome. Molto bene—sign me up!

Thank you, Mr. Weigel, for an uplifting, encouraging, revealing article. And now I'm off to the library for a copy of Tom Wolfe's "I Am Charlotte Simmons."

Nancy Marotta
Staten Island


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