Serious Consequences


Once again, the Democrats in New York state are pushing through the Reproductive Health Act, which most Americans oppose. The physical and emotional impact is not considered as much as just giving some people what they want. Abortions are nothing less than feticide, and expanding it into the ninth month brings it to a level of barbarism including allowing a child born alive from a botched abortion to die without medical care.

This act will allow abortions at anytime, anywhere without accountability or liability. It would repeal NYS Public Health Law 4164 and 125.05, which were set up to protect women seeking abortions. Our current law protects against late-term abortions. The attempt to move the regulation of abortions into public health law from the penal system would remove all criminality against unintended or coerced abortions. The risks and harm to women will increase and be seen in the future.

I believe I live in a lawful society that is against acts of killing, especially of the weak and defenseless.

Rose Baldi


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