She’s Not ‘Satisfied’


Re: “Second Avenue Subway Satisfies East Side Catholics” (CNY, Jan. 19), I believe the Second Avenue Subway likely only “satisfies” those whose affordable homes won’t be threatened by resulting soaring real estate values. 

Except for Father Donald Baker’s concern, especially for elder members of St. Monica’s Church and Yorkville, the article only speaks of the great convenience of a nearby subway. But it is only a few block convenience, and in a city with adequate crosstown bus service. 

And nothing is said about the decade-plus long subway construction-caused closure of many small businesses and no doubt affordable homes as well. Surely, it wreaked havoc on Second Avenue’s quality and even safety of life, and now many who survived all that as well as other Yorkville residents, are in danger of losing their homes.

Bette Dewing



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