Soul Missing


George Weigel’s article “On the Composting of Thee and Me” (CNY, May 23) was thought-provoking, but it missed a major point: True, the human body will die and turn to dust, but the soul will live forever. His article did not mention anything about the most important part of our existence, the soul.

There is no need to make a fuss about the perishable body, its preservation (embalming), cremation, composting or donation to science, and subsequent burial. No matter what the details of the disposition of the bodily remains, the soul will live forever in the blissful state, if the Good Lord judges us worthy at the end.

I personally don’t care one iota about my body’s destination after it releases my spirit (soul) at the end of my earthly life, but I am deeply concerned about the future well-being of my everlasting soul. Incidentally, I am fortunate to still be allowed to work on that project.

W. Carl Mayer


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