Spirit-Filled Support


Re: the Editor’s Report (CNY, Aug. 30).

It seems to me that our response to the priests and deacons at Mass has taken on a more penetrating and heartfelt appeal these days. When I acknowledge their salutation of “May the Lord be with you,” I want them to know that I recognize the pain that they must be subjected to in light of the gross failings of others. I can only imagine the torture that the conscientious and unblemished encounter daily because of the shroud that has been cast over their ministry by the villainous deeds of the weak within their ranks.

We, the Church, need them to be strong and to persevere—now, more than ever. This is not the time to turn our backs on the clergy. Rather, we need to take much more supportive, administrative and compassionate roles in helping them carry out their ministries within our Church.

Let all Sundays’ Masses herald a resounding and supportive “ ...and with YOUR spirit.”

Ken Horstman
Manchester, N.J.


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