Stick With Facts


With respect to the three letters to the editor that appeared in Catholic New York’s Aug. 30 issue, it should be noted that it is not supposed to be the function of a newspaper to condemn or support a news story. It is the job of a newspaper to report the story. Period. One of the reasons our country is completely divided is because of the propensity of newspapers and journalists to offer opinions in stories, instead of simply reporting the facts. 

Further, the fact that widespread abuse occurred within the Church does not mean that there was an issue within the Church at large, especially since there is no evidence to support such inference. Statistically, the percentage of priests within the Church abusing minors is far less than the percentage of those abusing children outside of the Church, yet that fact is routinely omitted from any story reporting the abuse of minor children. Of course, that is not to say that abuse anywhere should be tolerated. However, I think the Church is doing everything within its power to make sure that the abuse stops now and that history does not repeat itself.

Insofar as accusing “those in charge” of not protecting us, once again this is an unsupported allegation. I do not appreciate people who shoot from the hip or who immediately take to the pulpit before thinking matters out.  I think that the column from Cardinal Dolan appearing in the same issue of Catholic New York was heartfelt and apologetic. 

As Catholics who turn to reconciliation as one of our most sacred sacraments, we must begin to start accepting that if we wish to be forgiven, we must similarly forgive others who falter. Lastly, I do not think that the Catholic Church is “falling apart,” as suggested in the last letter. In every Mass that I attend, the pews are filled, not just with the elderly, but with young adults and children whose cries and hollering are like music to the ears.

Ann Barbera
Hopewell Junction


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