Still Standing


In Paris, on Monday of Holy Week, a fire of historic proportions occurred. Many thought Notre Dame Cathedral might be destroyed completely. A day or two later, we found that was not the case.  

Maybe the fact that this 859-year-old structure still stands should do more than just give us momentary pause. Maybe the conflagration was a sign from on high that God is still with us, even in our collective and our personal difficulties. During this reflective period, when both Christianity and Judaism are commemorating the essential work (the Almighty) is doing, also to save mankind, we might take a moment to contemplate the fact that the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral did not consume its core.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I take that personally. When negative personal stuff threatens to consume me, I say a resounding “no.” Someone else might want to take a page from what I hope is the book of wiser choices.

John F. Early


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