The Cardinal’s Words


I look forward to reading each issue of Catholic New York, with the various topics and events that take place throughout our large archdiocese. My favorite part, I must confess, are the words from our pastor, Cardinal Dolan, in his column, “Lord, To Whom Shall We Go?” In particular, the “Remember” article in the Feb. 27 issue moved me in a different and emotional way, which resulted in me becoming teary-eyed. When I finished reading it, I said to myself, “I want to say thank you to him.”
What exactly did it, I’m not sure, but his various points of who or what is remembered was touching to me. As he said, from “dust to dust” are thoughtful and true words for us to remember…about God’s love and final goal for each of us.

Thank you, Cardinal Dolan, and know that I pray for you and eagerly look for your continued inspiring words.

R. Michael Morrow