Turn It Off


Regarding the Met exhibit and the Met Gala:

I have not yet seen the exhibit but I look forward to attending it very soon. As for the Met Gala, because it was meant to be a fund-raiser for the costume department of the Met, it was destined, or should I say designed, to be lavish and outrageous, and destined to attract a lot of publicity. (My opinion, of course.)

To those who wrote letters (CNY, May 24) signaling their disgust, outrage and anger, I ask, why did you bother to write? What did you hope to accomplish by it? Why didn’t you simply turn off your television or computer or whichever news feed so offended you. Yet you exposed yourself to disgusting, pornographic, offensive, vulgar, scornful, mocking, anti-Catholic, trite displays. (I am just using your own collective words).

Rosemary Molloy

Red Hook


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