What About Immigrants?


The Nov. 10 edition contains no mention of the No. 1 threat to our immigrant brothers and sisters, the new administration’s effort to crack down on immigration and step up deportation. What is the archdiocese policy and procedure on the millions of undocumented immigrants now residing in our country, many Roman Catholic? What are the recommendations of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops? 

We continue to see much commentary on the abortion issue, but I fail to see the same focus on the immigration issue. We are told not to vote for abortion-rights politicians, but are given the OK to vote for a candidate who says we need to remove the heart of our parishes, our immigrant families. 

Remember, we have a choice. Our message is choose life. 

What is our message for those who are waiting to see if they have to leave their homes, their parishes? So far, it is a deafening silence.

John Graham



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