What I Learned This Year to Help Me Spread the Good News   


I feel we are a curious people. Curious about all the what-ifs, why-nots, how-tos and most of all, the great phenomenon of life.

And that’s a good thing, because as followers of Christ we have the greatest pathway to seek and find these true answers.

We have all the members of the Church family to help us as we follow and get to know Jesus on our faith journey. He is where we find the answers to our questions, through Him. He is The Way, The Truth and The Life.

But I often ponder about what non-Christians have. Do they have a relationship with God? Do they know that God calls all of us and all they have to do is to open their eyes and minds and hearts?  Are they able to find their way in life without any true answers, or with just a superficial peace?

In my opinion, the short answer is no. We, as humans, make mistakes and sin all the time. We can’t possibly make our way through life successfully without Christ. We know if we repent and turn to Jesus again, He will remain with and in us. But people who grow up in atheist homes are often surrounded by a thick boundary of fog and may be blinded from the light. This is why it’s our duty and mission to evangelize. We must allow the Holy Spirit to work through us, so we can help others find their way to Jesus. 

This year, as a class, we started to read our Bibles together, something I hadn’t had much experience of doing originally. I am proud to say I have made it a daily goal of mine to do this every day, so I can know more about my Divine Father and what he wants me to do in my life.

I’ve found not only reading the Bible beneficial in my life, but it may also help others in their lives too. Since I am now more familiar with some of the parables, Gospel and story of Jesus. In the Gospel, we will find truth.

I truly appreciate the kind and fabulous teachers that continue to help me learn more which has encouraged my newfound desire to spread the Good News.

God speaks to us in Scripture. As we learn and love Jesus, we can love and help others do the same.

Something that came out of my spark of inspiration to do this was to post Bible verses on my social media accounts. It’s my hope that I can reach someone in times when they need Jesus more than ever, or at least ignite a spark of curiosity about this “all-knowing,” “all-loving” God that they may not know. The best part is He loves us no matter what! But sometimes, it’s not always so easy. So many people are clouded by what is wrong because they haven’t heard the truth.

But, if we spread the Word, look at how many lives we may have the potential to save, even if it was just one person; I still did my part to help save that person and lead them to Jesus.

It’s really motivational. We should remember the work that the apostles did, guided through the Holy Spirit. They were able to proclaim the Good News to thousands, all because they knew and loved Jesus.

To end this, I’m inviting everyone to do something to help evangelize. Maybe read St. Paul’s letters to the Philippians. I have found them extremely helpful in finding my way to proclaim the Kingdom of God. It is true insightfulness, and I promise it will give you the courage, strength, and innermost motivation you need to spread the glory of the Good News. God is always acting in us; we just need to answer the call. 

I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13)

Nicole Muranelli, who will enter eighth grade in the fall, is a religious education student at St. Columba’s parish in Hopewell Junction.


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