With Jesus’ Grace


Thank you for accentuating positive news in Catholic New York and for the associated editorial celebrating the recent ordinations in the archdiocese (CNY, May 23). The edition’s format speaks volumes of our need to acknowledge the accomplishment of these men and to provide all the support and encouragement we can. Our Church is obviously in a healing mode and in dire need for “many more young men to hear God’s call to service as a priest,” as your editorial states.

In that regard, I cannot pull away from the travesties of the past. Were there hundreds of other such post-ordination hopes and aspirations that either succumbed to human weakness or somehow became misguided in their vocations? The direct victims of the abusive priests are in obvious pain and in dire need of healing. We, the Church, are also in dire need of healing. Perhaps these new priests will provide “holy example.”

I have concern that some of the weak and fallen priests may have been victims themselves—victims of the system and atmosphere created or ignored by their superiors. This, if it did exist or even now inexcusably continues, cannot be tolerated by any of us.

We pray that Jesus’ grace remains with these men and that Our Lady hovers over them throughout their ministries. Let all Sunday Masses they celebrate reverberate with our resounding and supportive “...and with your spirit.”

Ken Horstman
Lakehurst, N.J.


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