Words to Live By


We as a society have gotten off track, having insisted on a “me” mentality. Some clearly claim: I am what I do.

It used to mean something to hold open a door for your neighbor and walk the elderly across the street.

Love your neighbor and support your brother in need.

Laughter should be present with a notion of hospitality.

Stop abortion, the innocent killing of the unborn in their mothers’ womb.

Sit down to family meals and engage in family activities. 

Bring back the wholesome morality that we once knew.

Help the widow and orphans.

Seek truth with all your might.

If there ever were a time in our society when we need love, the time is now.

Love should be the essence of one’s inner existence.

Stop this fake Hollywood mentality that is impossible to live up to.

Lastly, support the American flag and what it stands for. 

Mario Vitale

Wolcott, Conn.



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