​A ‘Eucharistic Gift’


I watched the Midnight Mass from St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Channel 11 and then read about it in CNY’s Dec. 30 issue, in which Christie Chicoine wrote an excellent summary. In the article, she wrote mostly about the cardinal’s wonderful sermon, which was based on a Christmas book by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and which connected Bethlehem (Hebrew word for “House of Bread”) and our souls as mangers (or feedboxes) where the Savior resides and nourishes us. The manger also refers to an altar upon which the “Bread of Life” is consecrated and then consumed by the people in Holy Communion. The cardinal also spoke of the miracle of the loaves and fishes...more nourishment.

In addition, the cardinal wrote about “Resolutions Point to a Revival of Faith in the Eucharist” in his New Year column in the same issue.

Between the cardinal’s column and his inspiring sermon, he gave a Christmas Eucharistic gift to all Catholics in the Archdiocese of New York. Thank you, Cardinal Dolan!

Geraldine Voelkel


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