A Labor of Love


Thank you, Catholics of the archdiocese.

As we prepare this final issue of Catholic New York, we want to express our deep gratitude to those who shared and supported our mission these last 41 years.

We’re grateful to the archbishops whose encouragement and patronage allowed us to thrive, starting with our current spiritual leader Cardinal Dolan, and his predecessors Cardinal Edward Egan, Cardinal John J. O’Connor and Cardinal Terence Cooke, our founding archbishop.

It was Cardinal Cooke, a born-and-bred New Yorker, who envisioned the newspaper as a way to unify Catholics and keep them connected to the archdiocese in a time of changing demographics and movement to outlying areas.

He succeeded in that goal, and we’re honored to have helped carry it out these many decades.

The pastors and parishes of the archdiocese, and its schools and charitable agencies, also deserve our thanks—for the good work that they do and for allowing us to shine a light on it.

In fact, all of the priests, bishops, women and men religious, deacons and lay leaders whose tireless and inspiring service gave us plenty to write about. Thank you very much.

Our experience in this exciting and diverse archdiocese tells us that the new digital communications initiative set to roll out soon will have no shortage of stories to share, and we extend our best wishes to those involved in the effort.

Finally, we want to offer our deepest gratitude to the most important part of our Catholic New York family: Our readers.

All of us who’ve been involved in producing Catholic New York, currently and in years past, developed a special bond with the people of the archdiocese—as you have with us.

We know how our readers think and feel. We see it in the letters you send and hear it in the phone calls we receive, and we’re eternally grateful to have been an important part of your lives for so long.

Believe it when we say it’s been a labor of love.