‘A Nation of Laws’


Re: “Attacks on Church Statues Seen as Sign of Society in Need of Healing” (CNY, July 30).

Attacks on statues can be attributed to a number of reasons; most were directed at historical figures, who in one way or another were involved with slavery, or had events in their lives that might have had elements of racism deemed questionable by today’s standards. However, when this wanton destruction and/or defacement of houses of worship and religious symbols became the objects of attention of these irrational and violent individuals, then other narratives were created.

The anarchists expressed their hatred and bias toward America, and Christianity for its pro-life, pro-family and traditional values.

The Church, as expected, sees these disturbing events as being committed by “troubled individuals crying out for help.” Perhaps, but first before the Church extends a hand of compassion and understanding, and we heal and vanquish society’s many ills, these criminals must be brought to justice and made to pay the price; they must learn that in a nation of laws, wrongdoing will be punished if order is to be restored and maintained.

Bob Pascarella