Conception Until Natural Death

When it comes to political application of Catholic thought, Catholics must carefully examine their beliefs. We have recently seen the federal strengthening of support for situations involving abortion while some states have worked to strengthen restrictions on the availability of abortion. The Catholic stance on this issue is clear. From birth to natural death, Catholic social teaching clearly instructs individuals to care for the poor, the marginalized and the forgotten. This demands abolishing the death penalty, confronting the climate crisis, shrinking the wealth gap, supporting families—not separating them, making nuclear weapons illegal, fighting racism, etc. Many of these issues can lead directly or indirectly to the killing of human beings or the destruction of other aspects of creation. Please research these pro-life Catholic groups: Franciscan Action Network, Pax Christi, Catholic Climate Covenant, Ignation Solidarity Movement, Catholic Mobilizing Network and Global Sisters Report. There is a place for everyone in the Church. We must recognize that care for life and creation must extend throughout the lifespan.

Terence Lover