Lack of Accountability


Where is the outrage of a nation founded on such good moral principles? The Supreme Court’s decision to allow abortions has resulted in more than 60 million abortions. It’s not enough that abortions can be performed up to the birth of the baby, but now Gov. Cuomo has signed a bill that will allow anyone to perform an abortion without the presence of a doctor. There will be no protection for a baby born alive and left to die. Where is the protection for a woman who dies after a botched abortion? There is no accountability. It’s called the Reproductive Health Act.

Norma McCorvey, the Roe in the Roe v. Wade decision, didn’t have an abortion, had a baby girl and later actively spoke out against abortion. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who founded two abortion clinics in New York, shut them down and spoke out against abortion after seeing his doctors’ declining mental health after performing abortions.

“I can do what I want with my body,” pro-choicers say. But it’s not her body she’s destroying, it’s a separate human life. With ultrasound technology, we actually see the face of the baby in the womb. That precious gift could well become a scientist, doctor or medical researcher who could find a cure for cancer.

Joyce Goetze


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