Lenten Sacrifices


How do you respond when someone asks you, “What are you doing for Lent?” Perhaps, “Oh, I’m going to give up candy,” or “I’m going to give up TV one or two nights each week.”

As children, we are taught to “give up” something during Lent. We are told sacrificing some pleasant thing will help us to become better Christians, prepare for Easter and grow closer to God.

Giving up seems to have a negative thought behind it. Why not do something positive for Lent?  You could volunteer at a local charity organization or visit elderly residents at a nursing care facility. You could donate money, food or time at a local food bank. In other words, give of yourself instead of giving up.

For those who feel this idea of giving is not traditional and therefore not acceptable, here are a few things you could “give up” this Lent: Arrogance, bitterness, complaining, excuses, gossip, greed, impatience, infidelity, lies and swearing.

Give up a bad habit instead of a favorite food. Who knows, it might just become part of your normal behavior.

Jim Thomas

Appleton, Wis.