Needed Example


Ever since I read Bishop Colacicco’s first article on the sacraments of the Church, and all the gifts the Church has to offer, I have eagerly awaited receiving CNY, so I could read and reflect on his wonderful, spiritual articles. They are just what the people of the Church need during this trying and difficult year.

To have our faith strengthened and renewed by our new bishop who is setting such a wonderful example, not only by his words, but by his example. What a blessing to know that our bishop goes to confession frequently. It is a sacrament that is so forgotten and neglected. It is during these difficult and trying times that our sacraments are so needed. Thank God, the church doors re-opened and people can again attend the Mass.

Bishop, your observance of people coming late to Mass, leaving early, etc., lack of respect and reverence, are so noticeable. Too many, it seems, have lost or forgotten to put love of God first. I hope to see more of the bishop’s articles in Catholic New York. His words and example are so needed.

He has been such a blessing and inspiration to us. May his spiritual guidance and example lead more people back to putting God first, being reverent and respectful in His house of worship and our beloved sacraments.

M. Sergio