Questions on Statement


Three questions on the USCCB statement on the Eucharist:

Does Jesus really want us to limit who celebrates the Eucharist? After all, the Last Supper was celebrated with sinners, since all the Apostles abandoned Jesus, one betrayed Him and one denied Him three times. Jesus was well aware of this when they were instructed to “Do this in remembrance of me.”

When we ask God to forgive us our sins during Mass, are we saying that our sins are not forgiven?

Does the “eucharistic vitality of the Church” depend on denying the Eucharist to those who have not received the sacrament of penance? Jesus did not say to do this in remembrance of me only after you confess your sins to a priest. Mr. Weigel (CNY, Nov. 18) quotes 1 Corinthians to support this statement. Yet, we ask God to forgive our sins right before we receive the Host.

John Graham


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