Renewal of Faith


At the meeting of the U.S. Catholic bishops, a majority of bishops approved going forward to draft a statement on the meaning of Holy Communion in the life of the Church.

The statement will renew our faith in the presence of Jesus, the Son of God, in the Eucharist, which makes present the holy sacrifice Jesus offered for our salvation.

During the pandemic, many faithful were unable to attend church worship. The bishops are encouraging them to return.

St. Pope John Paul II was asked about his concern that Catholics are a small and even shrinking minority. He replied that people’s interior attitude participating in religious ceremonies is the heart of the matter.

Jesus tells His 12 apostles, “Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father is pleased to give you the Kingdom” (Lk 12:32). Jesus did not prepare the apostles for success. He spoke of the persecutions that awaited those who would believe in Him. The Father was pleased to give the kingdom to those 12 men from Galilee, and through them to all humanity.

God bless our bishops. God bless America.

Ellen Mary D’Agostino
Lee, Mass.