Sign of the Times


Re: George Weigel, “Parsing the T” (CNY, March 15).

Weigel’s account of a mother bringing her daughter into the hair salon so the little girl’s doll could get a haircut because “We’re transgendering her,” even though the child herself didn’t know what the term meant, brought to mind an experience of my own. After the last election, I not only saw children as young as 9 with aggressive anti-Trump and “Resistance” buttons on their school backpacks, but also infants in baby carriages with these buttons pinned to their chests, the smug parents crowing about being a “Resistance Family.” 

The disturbing fact that some parents are allowing their pre-pubescent kids to have hormone therapy because of what the child believes at the moment is perhaps connected to what appears to be the modern practice of seeing one’s offspring as a car bumper on which to slap political slogans rather than as a separate individual. 

Transgendering is the hip and modern thing today. Some parents go along with it because they’re afraid of being considered backward and prejudiced against the LGBT faction, but others want to be the first ones on the block with a transgender kid. In the past, peer pressure served to keep people in line, but today there is little of it because people are herded into groupthink by opportunistic politicians using identity politics to pass bad law and public opinion being shaped by left-wing celebrities and the celebrity worship they command.

Diane Moriarty