‘Valuable Lessons’


Cardinal Dolan's column (CNY, Feb. 24) on the first 30 years of Our Lord's life teaches valuable lessons about the Gospels’ sparse information on this topic, using enlightened inference and the knowledge of the Spirit. 

Recently, Msgr. Thomas Bohlin, U.S. Vicar of Opus Dei, delivered a powerful lesson about these 30 years. In his reasoned discourse, founded on the Word, Msgr. Bohlin skillfully detailed how these were not at all lost years, but years in which Christ, being simultaneously fully human and fully divine, experienced the complete range of our earthly experiences. He discussed at length how as a worker, Christ labored with his hands and mind to build and market his carpentry products—imagine owning a table crafted by Him! Christ engaged in commerce, from the start of the product cycle to financial dealings with buyers. 

In short, Christ knows us because he lived, in every aspect, with us, as He still does. At my lowest moments, I know He understands the depths of my spirit—He’s seen it all before.

Anthony E. Shaw