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Sister M. Antonia Maguire, F.S.M.C. (Obituary, CNY, May 11) will be greatly missed by many who knew her. I met her in 2005 at Sing Sing. She offered two nights in the chapel, one to pray the Rosary and one to watch a video. I was thankful to have many nights with her instead of the yard or my cell.  

She would not hesitate to throw her shoe when too much horseplay was happening. I say this from experience. She was offered to have an escort to visit the blocks and speak with inmates, but declined. She knew she was safe among the men. We all loved her very much.  

When she came into a block she would let out a loud “Yoo-hoo” and the block would go crazy with “Yoo-hoo” replies. One of the men who worked in the chapel was taught how to read and write by Sister. She did everything she could to help the men when they wanted to improve themselves. 

She was out with an ankle injury when I was moved in 2007, so I never got a chance to say good-bye. I have missed her ever since. There are not a lot of good things about being in prison, but she was definitely one of the best. Heaven will now be an even better place because of her presence.

A. Vickery



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