Who Counts in Census?


Re: Carol Zimmermann’s article “Court Unsure of President Trump’s Plan to Exclude Unauthorized Immigrants in Census” (CNY, Dec. 3).

With all due respect to Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville and those who agree with him, there is a legal and real difference between the words “person” and “voter.” As a devout Catholic, I respect the humanity in all persons, born and unborn, American and distant foreign citizen; however, I don't think people in North Korea should be counted in the U.S. Census despite the fact that they are just as human and just as valuable as Americans. Where the census counts residents, only voters deserve representation (14th Amendment, Section 2). In a representative democracy, it is voters whose will should be represented, not all people, and cities and states who choose not to honor immigration law should not be rewarded with additional representation due to illegally inflated populations.

Donald J. Conroy