Youth in Need


I read the letter (“What About Immigrants?”) by John Graham of Wallkill in the Nov. 24 issue. I agree that they are the heart of our parishes.

People do not realize that the most endangered immigrants are the children sent north alone, so that they will not die in the North-Central American conflicts.

Do they not know that boys are killed on a daily basis by criminals who use them to extort money from local businesses? The situation hit home when we discovered that the 24 boys attending our 11 o’clock Mass were living in a local government orphanage.

They were living in fear that when they turn 18, they would be deported. We as Catholics cannot allow this to happen.

The boys came from Guatemala without their parents. Our priest got them bibles and rosaries. We got them small presents and books to make them feel at home.

When they are deported, they will be in danger. They need political refugee status.

Our greatest sins are the things we fail to do. These children are poor, scared and here. All they have is God.

Maria I. Lazo



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